Avocados, Oranges and Sandy Beaches

Summer time is quintessential for sunshine and sandy beaches. Especially when you live in Arizona and it’s hot enough to fry and egg on the concrete. Last Summer, we packed up the Chevy Tahoe and headed west for some cooler weather and fresh, salt air. My parents have been renting a home in Southern California from the time I was able to take my first steps. I remember long days at the beach, my mom’s famous turkey sandwiches and nights spent on the patio with family and friends munching on appetizers and endless glasses of wine.

This summer, we took Connor with us to have one last hoorah before his big start into high-school.

We spent the week eating delicious home cooked meals with family and breaking away to spend the day at the beach, riding Duffy Boats and visiting Balboa Island.

Spending quality time with family on the patio, playing charades and watching the jaw-dropping sunset were a few pieces of this trip that made it so exceptional. Having Connor with us was just icing on the cake. Having my step-son get a taste of my child hood was such a special treat.

We (of course) had to visit Manhattan Beach since that was my home for the better half of seven years. We strolled the board walk, ate at a favorite local hang-out [Simmzy’s] for juicy burgers and brew and sank our sweet tooth into the BEST cupcake place in town.

Now on to the fresh and delicious food that sunny California never fails to deliver. We love to brunch at Surf and Sand in Laguna Beach where the windows blow a beautiful breeze and the sand sits between your toes. You can feel the wind in your hair and the fresh smell of the ocean air as the waves crash down on the beach.

Of course, a home-cooked meal for dinner with my dad on the grill and my mom whipping up an exceptional meal is a taste of childhood that brings back those youthful memories. But, occasionally we dine out and one of our most favorite hang-outs is Javier’s in Newport Beach. The table-side guacamole tastes like it comes from the authentic steps of Mexico and the cuisine is delightful.

So, until next Summer, beautiful California!