The Windy City

In October, we decided to take Connor to Chicago for his first visit to the Windy City. James travels there often for business so we wanted to make this trip something special and personal for our family.

Exploring a big city like Chicago is full of thrills and some incredible tasty treats. We decided to spend the first night there at one of our favorite spots, [Nomi] at the Park Hyatt. Nomi is worth every penny, the sushi is fresh flown in daily, the small bites are delicious and their drinks hit the spot.

We like to frequent there for a late night treat after dinner or for an early dinner before going to a concert or to the theatre.

One of my MOST favorite things about visiting Chicago and the Park Hyatt is to see our four-legged friend, Parker. Parker (the pug) was rescued by the owner of the hotel from a shelter and now lives full-time at the Park Hyatt. She has one eye, a tad hard of hearing but she sure manages to rock city style with her Burberry vests and pearl necklaces (in Marilyn Monroe fashion). Do you remember the story of Eloise, the girl who lived at the Plaza Hotel in New York? Well, this is our generations version of Eloise but will a little more spunk.

Chicago has so much to offer and luckily for us, October is a beautiful time of year. The flowers are blooming, the leaves are turning and it really feels like Fall. Having a 14-year old with us gave the opportunity to explore the Navy Pier and Shedd Aquarium for some beautiful weather and adorable little creatures.


We love Chicago all times of the year, even Winter (brrrr, baby it’s cold outside) but it’s always such a beautiful place where ideas sing.