I Do, Eve

Our Rehearsal Dinner was a night that we will always look back on with nothing but the purest of love. Planning our wedding was such a special moment for James myself because we got to share our admiration for one another with the people we adore most.

Spending a long weekend with family and close friends to celebrate our love was one for the books. We had family fly in from East and West Coasts, close friends drive in with their families; we felt and still feel beyond lucky to know and cherish these people so near and dear to our hearts.

Weddings are a celebration; a gathering of close friends and family, a joyous moment that will be treasured for a lifetime. I believe that weddings are an expression of two people’s individual love for one another. Two weddings are not identical yet they share the same purpose; to join two people together in holy matrimony. But, instead to take a unique spin on a classic ceremony that rings true for each individual couple is what makes a wedding so truly extraordinary.

Life is made up of tiny moments that make up the bigger picture of life. Tiny moments filled with joy and laughter. A time when love is expressed in its purest form with a kiss, hug, smile, reminiscing and with pure happiness for the bond that brought these two remarkable people together.

A true celebration!