Love, Love, Love, Love, Crazy Love!

The devil is in the details or so they say, right? I stand by that quote a thousand percent. When it came time to plan our wedding, I had many visions in my head. So many ideas popped into my head that I was about to drive myself (and my future-husband) nuts with questions and opinions. There must be thousand decisions to make: finding the perfect dress, shoes, accessories and venue is usually first on every bride’s wedding agenda. The venue was a slam dunk; I knew where I wanted to get married since I was old enough to ride a bike – Royal Palms Resort in Phoenix, AZ. I will let you in on another little secret; I picked my shoes first (about 7 months before the wedding) and then planned my dress around my most important accessory of course.

L&J Wedding-141

The jewelry was picked out a few months before the wedding and knew that I wanted to go with the classic look but also wanted to have fun with my jewelry since I knew my dress would not be the “typical” wedding dress; I wanted a statement piece of sorts.

I also had the privilege of marrying a man that trusted my sense for fashion and let me pick out his outfit for our big day. I knew my color scheme: nudes, all neutral flowers, navy suits for the men and a pop of red throughout the day to give it a little something special. The color red is big, bold and fierce; that was just what I wanted for our theme.

For my beautiful bridesmaids, it was important to me that they each wear a dress that was individual to them. I wanted them to feel confident so I searched high and low until I found the perfect dress for each of my girls that day.

I had a blast working with our wedding planner to design an evening that we would never forget. From the personal touches of the napkins to the mirrored seating chart; we truly loved watching our vision come to life.

L&J Wedding-319

I married a man who has the patience that will stand the test of time. He let me live out my creativity and I am forever grateful. I even threw in a cigar bar at the reception so he could sip on his favorite bourbon and relax under the stars.

I stuck with my love for our Old Hollywood Theme, we drank our signature cocktails, had our cocktail hour on vintage, white leather couches and we danced the night away in style. I look back at our wedding day with love in my heart and laughter in my soul.