Good Bloggy MISS Molly

Social Media, Blogging — it’s all such a vulnerable space. There is no shortage of abundance when it comes to influencers + lifestyle bloggers. So, why do it? I think it’s important to remain true to who you are and if you share something that just one person can relate to, well that’s a win in my book!

But, with that comes judgement + scrutiny. Years ago, my skin wasn’t thick enough and it would make me want to hide behind closed doors. But, today I want to stand out in the open and voice MY opinion.

A little background on me — I am an Arizona native born + raised. I grew up in what seemed on the outside like the perfect, little household in the perfect, little neighborhood. But, what I don’t speak much about was the the controversial relationship I have with my family. I wasn’t the “easiest” of kids but what kid doesn’t test the boundaries, right? I had a mother who put WAY too much emphasis on my weight and appearance growing up. From the outside, she looked perfect, dressed and acted like the stereotypical mother. But, we struggled and still struggle to find common ground in our relationship. I felt judged and looked down upon by the one person that was supposed to lift me up and be my biggest support system. My older brother and I have a very similar relationship like that of my mom but I love him and adore his family to a million pieces. Although, he and I are extremely different, I respect him as a father and cherish my niece + nephew, they are truly something incredible. My father is the kindest man I know [other than my hubby] he is someone I love + respect beyond measure.

We are all hard wired as children to need love + unconditional acceptance. Without that, our brain develops insecurities such as anxiety and a state of doubt that follows us like a little puppy throughout life.

But, with the help of an incredible therapist + life coach, I learned the necessary skills to believe in myself because my opinion matters more than all else. So, yes I do love my mom very much but I’ve just learned to switch gears in my expectations and love her for who she is and not what I wish it could be. I believe she has done her best and I admire her for that because she worked hard to be our mom.

I also surround myself with the most incredible friends + support system who have acted as family and been true warriors in my corner — for them, I am eternally grateful.

I went on to live in Manhattan Beach after college for six incredible years and learned a ton about myself — some dark doors were opened up in the end, light shined through and I grew to love myself at 100mph. I worked in the fashion industry [buying side] and met some truly, incredible people. But, after six years, I moved back to Phoenix to plant some roots and start a family.

Shortly after, I met my husband and the rest is history. I have an extremely special sixteen year old step-son and a beautiful six month old baby girl that have my heart.

So, with all of that said, I want to continue to write about what I am passionate about — family, travel, fashion, animals + just LIFE!

I want to build a community of authentic, positive people who are real + genuine.

My Beautiful Mom + Sister In Law on the Right