Simple + Scrumptious Baby/Toddler EATS

I am completely new to BLW and as a first time mom, it scares the pants off of me! I am part of such a special group of moms here in the valley, all first time moms and all in the same boat of motherhood. Emmy is one of the youngest babies in the class so she gets to look up to her friends in the eating department. But, when I heard you’re supposed to give them a whole piece of shrimp at six months… say WHAT? Eek! How is this tiny human with no teeth supposed to eat food cut into strips?

But, if my mom tribe can do it, we can do it! So, I started out super slow with Emmy when she was about 6.5 months old. We started with Bamba Snacks from Trader Joe’s + then went to whole wheat bread cut into slices with PB and slowly progressed from there. Now, she’s an eating machine and I’m still a nervous mom but super proud of my babe.

I am constantly exploring new ideas and foods to keep it interesting and these are a few of my favorite starter foods for BLW that I think could also be great for toddlers:


  • Recipe:
    • 1 banana [smashed]
    • 1 egg
    • 1 tbsp butter
    • pinch of cinnamon

    *Mix everything together and if you want a little bit of thicker consistency, add some baby rice cereal or oatmeal to the mixture*

    These are thin and a little mushy which makes for a great starter to BLW.

    Bake like pancakes — easy peasy!


    Recipe: [the fun part, ingredients are anything you want]

    • chopped cooked broccoli
    • Cooked peas
    • ham
    • cheddar cheese
    • eggs [6 eggs fills about 12 mini muffins]

    *Add the veggies and protein if desired and then pour the egg on top. Cook at 350 degrees for 25 minutes — let cook on rack*


    This is such an easy meal and one my little one just loves.


    • cook penne pasta a few minutes past the box instructions to make a little bit more soft and easier for the babies to nibble
    • drain and add butter or olive oil
    • cook peas and add to pasta
    • sprinkle some parmesan Cheese
    • add a little pepper for seasoning

    *You can also add avocado, sautéed spinach or asparagus as well*

    Bon Appetit!

    Remember, we are all on this crazy train of motherhood together!

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