My Favorite Baby Goodies + Gadgets

First time mom = NO freaking clue what I am doing! Can I get an Amen? I’ll be honest, I was a worried pregnant lady, counting kicks and spending too much time on the “what if’s” and not actually using that precious time looking at baby goodies and gadgets.

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But, now I’m starting to get the hang of it and even though I’m no expert [except in my own head, of course], I’ve come up with some mom-hacks and favorite list of baby stuff galore.

Let’s start with the biggest and probably first purchase — the bassinet!

I started with the Halo and was not a fan. Here’s why: I purchased the newborn insert but just didn’t feel like it kept my baby on her back and as snug as I would have liked. And, since I was a worried mama, I did was any hormonal, worried and NOT logical thing you could do… I spent $1,300 on the Snoo. I loved the Snoo, I kept Emmy on her back and I liked the build and functionality of it as well. That said, we did not use the rocking feature but did like the built-in sound machine. Also, the resale was found to be great so it was a win for us. What would I buy the second time around? The Baby Bjorn bassinet and added the link; I do feel like the price point is fair.
Link: Baby Bjorn Bassinet

Now, on to the sit-up toy which we started using between 3-4 months. This was a game changer when Emmy would sit up and keep her head/neck up on her own. The price is extremely fair and we used it for a good 3 months which I felt was a big help in keeping her occupied during my morning coffee breaks.
Link: Fisher Price Sit Me Up Toy

Now, my favorite toy to date! I want to say we purchased this activity center when Emmy was five months old and it grows with them into toddlerhood, worth every penny.
Link: Skip Hop Activity Center


Play Mat, we tried a few before landing on Lovevery and SO glad we did. This mat not only has a bright + colorful design but also modern and sleek. It also has a subscription package and ships for $80 (bi-monthly) with age appropriate toys based on their skill set and learning development. This also grows with them into toddlerhood and turns into a tee-pee tent when they outgrow some of the mat activities.
Link: Lovevery Activity Mat

CRAWLERS…. oh man, what a G A M E changer. I mean… it’s nuts but oh, so fun. We purchased a mat for her to crawl and explore on but like all babies, they want to explore all things that are OFF limit, am I right mama’s? But, we like this mat and it was a solid purchase.
Link: Skip Hop Play Mat

Car seat, well here is where I get biased. There is a multitude of great baby brands so it’s just about finding one that you like, is practical and makes you feel like your little peanut is safe + sound. We love the Nuna brand and purchased the Nuna for her car seat, stroller, travel crib and baby seat. I find this car seat is the easiest to install, love the design and I do like the feature of how it reclines and grows with them into toddlerhood.
Link: Nuna Rava Car Seat

What I love about the travel crib is the 365 degree cross airflow and I also love the design. I use it as a “play area” for Emmy when I can’t keep all eyes on her at one time.
Link: Nuna Sean Travel Crib

Outdoor Swing, oh my goodness, what a find! This is not only adorable, but amazing. It is extremely affordable and grows with them up to a reasonable weight. I purchased ours on Etsy but she can be found on Amazon as well. SO many different colors and designs, we just love ours.
Link: Sweet Swinging


Jumper: I first purchased the Jolly Jumper because of the sleek design and I am not one for the standard cheesy baby toys. But, this proved to be an epic fail. It was SO hard to get her in and out of the swing and once you set it up, you can’t fold it up when you’re not using it. It’s clunky and if I am being blunt, looks like a sex toy. So, we went with the Greco Jumper and LOVE it.
Link: Greco Bumper Jumper

My trick, I find then when I set up play stations for Emmy, her attention span lasts a little bit longer. We move from one activity to the next when we are not out + about and I find that works for us. I know that everyone’s price point is a bit different but this is what has worked for us thus far. So, these are just some of my favorite buys and hope that some can relate or it helps just a tiny bit. Because, we are all on this journey together. I am so happy to be able to share and always love your feedback because we are one big mom-tribe!