Methods of Mind + MADNESS (Coping with Anxiety)

Oh my goodness, it’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog post. We have been traveling quite a bit this summer because Arizona is nearly 110° and we wanted to escape to beautiful, California weather. But, we are back which means getting back into the groove + our routine.

Vacation for me is a place where I can escape real life, for just a second. Weather we’re stressed with work, day-to-day, or just stressed about life; I get to hideaway in between the sun + the ocean breeze and just able to take a deep breath.

I often get asked how I cope with my anxiety. It took me several years to open up about the fact that I struggle, on a daily basis with this lovely friend of mine. And that’s exactly what it is, a friend that is protecting me but just not in the most healthy of ways. Once I opened up, I received a lot of messages on my blog from people that wanted to know how I personally managed this, daily. I personally do not struggle with the aspect of panic attacks. I find that I am able to stop that beast before awakens.

And, anxiety looks different to so many people. But, all it really is at the core is just worry, worry, worry. But, one thing I learned through therapy is that we have ZERO control over our future, or into anything for that matter. But, we are in control of our actions and how we handle ourselves in this beautiful world.

So, what do we do to manage this high-maintenance, consuming friend of ours when life is already so hectic? Here are some methods that I personally find work the best.


Finding a good therapist is like finding a diamond in the rough. Having someone that we trust wholeheartedly to basically strip us down to our core, is a beautiful and essential thing for me. I’ve had several therapists and had to honestly pick + choose before finding one that just felt like it just fit. She challenges me + me on my BS but in such a beautiful way. I look at it this way; we’re constantly investing in ourselves whether it be close, vacations, or even healthy and organic food these days. So why not invest in one of the most important things of all, the well-being of our mental state.


Who doesn’t want to shove tiny little needles into their body simultaneously? No, but seriously; for me it is not painful and the benefits outweigh any sort of short discomfort. But, do the research and find someone highly regarded in this industry. Also, I believe in both Eastern and Western medicine for different reasons + acupuncture is a strong, incredible balance in Eastern medicine. There is something magical about restoring and moving blood-flow + toxins around in the body to allow for more healing. There are certain pressure points in our body that are stimulated by these needles. Whether it be allergies, anxiety, immunity, bone health, all these things can be stimulated by a tiny needlepoint.


This is another one that coincides a little bit with acupuncture in that it helps blood flow + toxins circulate around in the body. And, although we are so busy in the day; going from minute to minute, hour to hour. This is ONE hour to ourselves to breathe, center and refocus. Plus, it feels like a little touch of heaven!


Another eastern medicine technique that I do at the same appointment that I have with my acupuncturist. It takes anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes and they are glass cups that are sectioned onto your back and pull up blood under the skin to again recirculate and refocus the toxins + blood flow in our body. I do believe this one requires research to ensure that it is safe and the right technique for each individual person. It allows for muscle healing, anxiety, depression, fatigue, migraines and all other wonderful things that I believe could help heal the way we approach life.

The darker the marks, the more injury and need for movement of blood flow.

The darker the circle, the more injury and more build These are just a handful of techniques that I find help me manage my day today struggle. I had to do plenty of research to find the right team to help me and I encourage all of you to do the same before landing on a decisioI know meditation is huge in this world and there are times where I do take a five-minute break, go to a place that calms my mind + makes me happy. I then try to center myself, take a deep breath that lasts about 10 seconds. Taking a deep breath literally calms the brain and opens the door for hearing to take place. Listening to something that calms my energy, sitting + refocusing even for a few minutes could really do something special.

I am by NO means an expert but I am open and honest with my struggle and I’ve had some really dark times. But, I find that when I invest in myself, the well-being of my mind + soul; that’s when the true healing takes place.

Love yourself, believe in yourself + know that there is a huge support support system out there. The beauty that we see out in this world is real. But, there are struggles that come along with that beauty. So believe in YOU because you’re worth it.